Wednesday, November 16, 2011

jazz it up: lamp

so i bought this lamp at target a few weeks ago. i love it, i really do. the visible cord running through the glass doesn't even bother me like i thought it would, and it is just the look i wanted to go on our buffet table (that my husband made! more on that another day.). the only problem is that the shade i picked out looks like it's the same color as the wall most of the day. in real life they are much closer in color than these pictures show, and it kind of bugs me. i love a good neutral, but too much oatmeal isn't good for anyone, right?
i bought a spool of black grosgrain ribbon (7/8" width) and literally taped it around the lamp to jazz it up a bit:

creating stripes for a bold look that you don't have to completely commit to because, hey, it's ribbon and tape! (don't mind the crooked stripes :)

take away a few stripes and you have top and bottom trim that makes less of a statement while still dressing up the shade so it isn't so boring. 
adding ribbon is such a cheap, easy way to change the shade and can be done in tons of different colors or widths. huge vertical stripes would look great, or adding trim in a fun color like eggplant or mustard would add color to a room without the commitment.
so which do you like better, the stripes or trim? i'm having a hard time deciding!

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, I vote stripes. If I could do stripes on everything I would. I love them that much ;) Great idea! You are such a creative genius.


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