Friday, November 18, 2011

thankful + printable

every year i like to make a big deal of the holidays. i fill our home with decor, smells, and sounds of the season; it is always so cozy and happy and something i look forward to. this year has been a little different. my husband has been away for work for the last few months and it has felt weird to do all the home stuff without him. it is our first thanksgiving in our new house, and it just feels a little wrong to do all that stuff for the first time without him.
a few days ago i was pondering life and thanksgiving and realized that even though life has been hard these last few months, i still have a lot to be thankful for. something about that realization whipped me into shape and now i am so excited to celebrate thanksgiving next week.
i made some little "thankful for" cards and sat and wrote out some simple things i am thankful for: taking walks, the colors of fall, family, friends, and my sweet husband. i might even bring some with me to my husband's parent's house next week so we can fill them out while we eat our turkey and potatoes.
would you like some too? download them here, print (on kraft cardstock if you have it), cut, and enjoy.
hopefully they'll help you think of all the little things you are thankful for, too.


  1. These are reallllly cute, Erin. Free printables!!! Hooray!


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