Wednesday, December 7, 2011

gift idea: printstagram

this summer i was lucky that it was time for my bi-annual phone upgrade and i could get an iphone. i wanted an iphone for one reason, and one reason only: instagram. i am obsessed with it.
today i ran across prinstagram, a website that prints your instagram pictures and gets them off your phone and into your pretty little fingers. best. idea. ever.
wouldn't these make fun little stocking stuffers or little gifts for friends and family?

i die over this tinybook, you get three of them, 24 photos in each book, for $10. so darling. "want to see a picture of my trip to mexico? why let me pull my tinybook out of my purse and you can peruse the whole thing." need i say more?

a step up from the tinybook is the minibook. it holds 50 photos, and you get 2 for $12. i'm thinking that one of these would make a really fun stocking stuffer for my husband. i can just see it on his desk at work, ready to show off to his co-workers. this would also be a fun little-tiny coffee table book, no?

they also make prints, which you could use to make something like this:

love it!


and posters. what a fun piece of art to have in your home. i love it.
all images from printstagram, except the heart, found here, and the last image, found here.
and no, this isn't an advertisement, i just think it's a fun gift idea and a really, really cool way to expand my love affair with instagram :)

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