Tuesday, January 24, 2012


lately i've been working on trying to be more organized. we just (temporarily) moved to montana from seattle and are going on two weeks without our stuff (we picked the wrong moving company, apparently.) with who knows how much longer until we get it. with all the changes, life has been a bit chaotic. planning meals, activities, and even what to wear is harder living off only what we could fit in our car, so i've found it has become crucial to organize myself and my day.

 with that comes organizing this little blog. i spend so much less time writing posts and taking pictures when i have a clear idea of what is happening each week. it's wonderful having a plan!

i made this little schedule to help me stay organized and give myself a good picture of what is happening on here for a few weeks at a time.
do you have the same problem? well, just click here to print your own. (if you don't want it in pink just click "grayscale" or "print in black and white" in your printer options.)

for you non-bloggers out there (or those that already have it together!), there's something for you too: a bi-weekly schedule to help you plan out life, a few weeks at a time

find it here.
happy planning!

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