Thursday, February 2, 2012

my little nook

one of the hardest things about this little move to montana has been not being able to do any of the projects i've been itching to do in our home. i love decorating and diy-ing and it's just hard to do that when you're not in your house! so to tide me by i'm going to post a few projects here and there that we were able to do in the short time we lived in our house, starting with this little nook:
(i apologize, all these pictures were taken before i knew how to use my camera!)

there is this little three-foot nook right when you walk in our front door. i'm sure it's supposed to be for a table or something, but we thought it was really weird and decided almost immediately that it would be perfect for a little bench and shoe storage area. it shares a wall with the stairs (that little half-wall on the right) so it gets passed all day, so why not actually use it rather than just let it take up space?

 after a weekend with my husband and lots and lots of hard work (more from him than me), as well as some homework on board and batten, this is what we came up with.

the whole thing was built from scratch, we just sketched and measured and decided what we wanted and then my husband put it all together. he did great, right?! (he is a handy, handy guy. i am one lucky girl!)

we love it, and right before we left for montana my son started to get really into sitting up there and hanging out. my dream is to find him there often, reading and dreaming as he grows up. and i'm sure it will serve as his little "thinking spot" when he's naughty, too :).

 i really wanted some cool vintage numbers for the baskets but they can be spendy and hard to find (at least when i was looking they were), so i headed over to the hardware store and bought a few of these babies:

i think they were around a dollar a piece, and i just grabbed some paint that i had in my little stash (acrylic) and gave them a makeover. it worked perfectly, and they've held up great so far.

thanks for letting me share a little piece of my home with you! i love home projects, especially when they turn out just how you want them!

++ the cushion and small pillow were both made by me using waverly fabrics (the yellow pillow was made using this method), and the blue pillows are from target.

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  1. It looks great! I love home projects, and I love that you made the little space functional. And yes, you gotta love handy men. They make life fantastic... especially when you have a creative idea and just need someone to build it for you! ;)


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