Thursday, February 23, 2012



today i'm feeling inspired by natural elements. i love the colors, smells, and textures that can be found in nature. i love bringing natural elements into my home, whether it be a pretty plant on my table, a woven basket to hold toys, or a pretty print hanging on my wall. i also really appreciate, and love, when something natural is mixed with the unnatural to create something unexpected and beautiful. it makes me smile to see the mix done right, like the clutch, or when something is so unexpected and unique that it just works, like the antler.
what do you think? are you a fan of natural meets unnatural? or do you think it's better to leave a good thing alone?

1. undyed leather clutch with a pop of bright green.
2. a pretty painted antler (image from here, but similar antlers can be found on etsy. i can't find the link to the original picture or seller, sorry!)
3. beautiful feather print.
4. striped crochet blanket.
5. arrow art hanging next to a comfy leather chair.

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