Monday, February 13, 2012


i have a slight addiction called pinterest. the ideas and inspiration that i can find on there are amazing. there are so many creative people out there! i've decided to start actually making the projects and recipes and such that i find on pinterest, it's a fun way to challenge myself as well as gives me great ideas when my brain is feeling a little less than creative.
i have a pin board dedicated to things that i want to make, and that's right where i filed this project by kersey campbell. it was love at first pinterest-sight.
i 100% copied her, so for directions go here.

i have to say, hers turned out way better than mine. i was too impatient between coats and it got a little globby. and the paint is thick, really thick, so i had a hard time getting it to coat evenly or even cover some spots at all.

but! i love them. the imperfectness is kind of becoming my favorite part, they look kind of rustic and brushed. it's cool. definitely my new favorite s+p shakers.
anyone else have fun projects they've found on pinterest, magazines, or anywhere else?
where do you go for inspiration?

p.s. i got the salt+pepper shakers from target and the paint from michaels. 

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