Monday, March 26, 2012

new project

boy did the weekend fly by! we decided to stay home and get some good old r&r. it was much needed, especially for my hard working hubby. on saturday i spent a few hours in thrift stores looking for something special to take home, and i came across two of these babies:

i have spent months and months on craiglist and at thrift stores looking for a pair of chairs i could makeover. nothing seemed right or easy enough for my first project until my eyes landed on these lonley chairs at goodwill. great condition? check. desperate need of a makeover? check. minimal upholstery? check. cute nail head trim? check. $17 a piece? check.
done and done.
i'm sooooooo excited to strip these babies down and start painting! i can't decide the color, but i think it's between glossy dark dark navy blue, a pale greige, or kelly green. i did some photoshopping last night and loved the kelly green. but the other colors might be easier to decorate around.....
who knows how they'll end up, but i'm excited to get started!
anyone else make a good thrift store find this weekend? or start any fun projects? or maybe you're still in the dreaming it up phase like me?

happy monday!

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