Thursday, March 22, 2012

printable: recipe cards

I've been a crazy person these days trying to find new meal and snack ideas. It seems most of my time on the computer is spent looking at food blogs and furiously writing recipes down on scraps of paper. I realized the other day that it's time for some old-fashioned recipe cards so I can keep everything organized and actually be able to find the recipes when I want them!

Not wanting to go buy any, I whipped up these little babies, and thought I would share them in case anyone else is in need of some recipe cards, too.

Just click below for the size of your choice:


p.s. whole wheat tortilla recipe from second picture found here


  1. These are CUTE! You're so good. I'm most definitely printing off some of these puppies. Thanks ever so much!

  2. Thanks for the cute cards, i can't wait to print some out!

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  4. This is so nice of you! Thanks for sharing! They are exactly what I was looking for.

  5. Hi there
    I wondered if you could contact me at my gmail address. Would love to talk to you about a using one of your photos in Sweet magazine.

    1. Hi Ali,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      I can't seem to locate an email address for you, if you're still interested email me at and I'll send you some pictures.

  6. I love these recipe cards and will be using them for my cousins bridal shower. Did you ever make a back side to them?
    Tracey K

  7. Simple recipe cards that can be easily printed and used to note down important recipes to share with loved ones.

  8. So cute Erin! I used this on my blog to post a recipe!

  9. Very cute! I've been looking for the perfect 5x7, but is there a backside?

  10. How do I download these to print them?

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  13. Does everyone write to fill in recipe cards? I like to type them in but that's never an option it seems.


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