Monday, April 9, 2012


remember my plans to slow down and do nothing all weekend? well, my hubby suggested we take a little road trip to wyoming on saturday to see bighorn canyon (which was beautiful!) so we spent the day driving through small towns and exploring some new scenery. it was actually quite relaxing to sit in the car with my loves and just talk and talk with my husband. and of course, i had to make some seersucker pants and a little bow tie for my son to wear to church, i mean it was easter after all! and i was forced to make some delicious "healthy" peanut butter rice krispies treats for my son's easter basket, right? ha! so my take-it-slow weekend ended up being quite busy and project-filled, but it was fantastic nonetheless.
that rice krispies treat recipe is coming soon, it's fabulous and i feel zero guilt watching my little one gobble them down (i might have done a little gobbling too, they are so good!).
hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, happy monday!

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