Wednesday, May 9, 2012

painted doors

chevron pattern grey white neon door diy paint painting orange

today, i have painted doors on the brain. i feel like if we were in our house right now i would be contemplating painting one of our doors a bright, fun color. the worrier in me would be telling the impulsive part of me that it might be hard to ever sell the house with colored doors, and repainting it to look like the builder doors would be hard. yes, that's what would be going through my head today. so instead, let's look at some pretty doors and dream, shall we?


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1. 2. 3 .4. 5. 6. 7.

what about you? are you a do-it-now-deal-with-it-later type? or would you wait and debate for weeks like me? a safe but still fun compromise would be just to paint the edges of the door, like in the first picture. that way you could keep things looking uniform but still have a fun pop when the door is opened. hmmm....i think i like that idea....

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