Tuesday, May 22, 2012

trend i love: maxi skirts

i literally do not own a pair of shorts that can be worn outside of the gym, so when the weather is warm, it's all dresses and skirts for this girl. i'm loving all the maxi skirts that are popping up everywhere this season. i was kind of sad to see the boho skirt trend go a few years ago, so i'm excited that it's reborn as a maxi skirt, and let's face it, it's way better this time around. i'm also starting to really love the hi-lo skirts. kind of like a fun, chic mullet, right? business in the front, party in the back :)
the best thing about maxi skirts (other than the fact i can take a break shaving my legs for a day or two) is that they can be worn with a t-shirt and sandals or dressed up with a blouse and wedges. gotta love versatility!

do you love the maxi skirt trend?

pleated chiffon/hi-lo/cobalt blue/striped knit/coral pleats


  1. I just got two new maxi skirts a few weeks ago that I LOVE. One is a color blocked one!! I have a hard time not wearing it every single day :)

  2. Nice long skirt and the red one is the most great one among those, if you just adding a Women's leather tote handbags at to match with it can be perfect!


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