Thursday, October 4, 2012

make it: a matching game

my little guy and i are really working on colors lately. he knows a lot of the names but has trouble remembering which color is which. i figured a fun little game might help things out, and came up with this simple project.

i found these little wooden houses at hobby lobby and picked up a few packs. then, with some acrylic paint i had on-hand, made little pairs using some basic colors.

you could put a clear coat on top to protect these better, but for now mine are just paint and wood, and are holding up great.

i thought these would mainly be used as little flashcards and for matching, but my little one loves stacking, counting, and just plain old playing with the colorful homes. when he's a little older they will be great for game of memory, too.
so there's a simple project for about $3.00 and 30 minutes of painting. and as usual, the possibilities are endless in customizing them.

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