Tuesday, November 6, 2012

around here


1. snuggling under my striped blanket with a cup of cocoa is the best way celebrate rainy fall days.
2. i'm in love with the golden trees in my backyard. i wish they would stay that way for a few more months, at least.
3. a certain someone's little pumpkin bucket is still full of halloween candy. he has forgotten about it, for the most part. (his mama and daddy haven't :)
4. the hubs and i have been working on a little "office" makeover, and it's almost complete. i can't wait to share, but here's a little sneak peek.
5. something about cozy days makes me crave painting. i am no painter, but i do love to sit with pretty colors and a tiny canvas and get lost in creating. i can't wait to find a little home for these little flowers, somewhere i can see them every day.
6. there's nothing cuter than stripey pajamas and little slippers. he is so obsessed with elmo.

hope everyone is staying warm and cozy in their neck of the woods.

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