Thursday, April 11, 2013

a diy faux boxwood wreath

I love boxwood wreaths. There is something so classic about them and they instantly freshen up a space. I've been on the hunt for one for a while now, but I'm a little picky, and finding one that is long-lasting without being spendy has not been easy. So I decided to try and make my own. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner, it was super easy and I love the results!

Here's the scoop:

You need:
1. A wreath form. I like grapevine wreaths, so that's what I went with. They are inexpensive and have that organic look that I love. (Michaels had them for $1.49 this week!)
2. Faux boxwood garland. I found mine at Michaels but this looks like the same stuff. I like a more natural, loose look, so I used one garland per wreath, but if you want a fuller look you should use more. 
4. Floral wire (I used 22 gauge)

Here's where I feel silly explaining the process because it's so easy, but just humor me :)
Using your wire cutters, snip off all the undesirable ends of the garland, then lay it on the wreath to decide the placement you like. Cut a 3-4 inch piece of wire and secure the garland to the wreath by sliding one of the wire end under a thick, sturdy piece of the wreath, and bringing it back up. Twist the ends together as tight as you can to hold down the garland, and then hide the wire under some leaves. Repeat that every six inches or so, until the garland is secure. So simple, right?

Now is the fun part. You can either hang it up and admire your handy-work or you can add whatever embellishments you want. I chose to leave the one on my front door plain because I really like the look of plain old boxwood. It livens up my front porch and I love it. My husband even commented that he liked it and asked where I got it, which I always love. "What, this ole thing? Oh, I made it." :)

I decided to brighten up my second wreath with some paper flowers (more on those soon), and I love how they add just the right pop of color to my entrance. It's kind of fun to have some spring right there to greet me when I walk in the door.


  1. Funny you posted this, i saw a boxwood wreath on a neighbors door today and was seriously coveting one for my door. So thanks!


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