Monday, March 3, 2014

the big-boy room: progress

This past fall, we started transitioning my son's nursery into a big-boy room. He turned three and it was time to give it a bit of an update. We switched out the toddler bed for a twin, made a headboard and changed up the artwork and a few other things to make the room fit this new phase of being a big kid.   

This room has definitely been done in stages. We bought the house in 2011, and the weekend we closed on it my husband got transferred to L.A. for six months. I ended up having to stay here (it was the weirdest situation), so I started little projects around the house to keep from getting too stir-crazy. This room was the first room I painted, and getting his nursery set up was what kept me sane that first month by myself! 

That's when phase 1 happened: I painted, made the roman shade (it was my first one and now that I know a better way to make them I kind of want to redo it, but for now it's great) and hung some things on the walls. My husband made all of the book ledges on a weekend visit home, we added the table and chairs, and left it for a while. 

After my husband got back from L.A. we found out we would be moving to Montana for seven months. While we were there I made the pouf, got the rug and rocker and a few other things I could use in his room when we came back here.

For the last few months I have been slowly changing things again, and it's almost at the point where I'm happy with it and probably won't change things up for a few more years. Here's where we're at: 

There used to be a gallery wall above the bed, but I switched it out for some cloud pictures I took when we were living in Montana (inspired by Amber's beautiful dining room). I had them blown up to poster-size at Costco and stuck them in big Ikea frames. It's an inexpensive way to add some large art, and the best part is that my little guy loves them. He always says he's flying in the sky when he jumps on his bed, it's pretty cute. 

Back in 2011 we strung some cable above his dresser to display his artwork. The boy loves to paint and color, so we are never short of art in here, and those pictures get switched out pretty regularly. I think it's special to frame his artwork, so I keep a frame on his dresser that we put his larger pieces in. He thinks it's pretty cool that his paintings are displayed for him to see all day. 

Sometimes I think about taking down the picture ledges, but I do love the color they add and how easy it is for him to find a book to snuggle up with. So for now they stay.


So that's basically where we're at. I'm happy with everything for now, decor-wise. We've got a few projects we are working on in here to be able to really say it's done for now, but it's a fun little room that is perfect for my little one. 

This is my favorite way to find this big-boy room, with my sweet little guy playing and bringing some life and noise to it. 

Still on the to-do list:

paint ceiling white (yeah, I never got around to that :)
add crown molding 
paint closet doors (all of our doors are an off-white and it drives me crazy in the bedrooms!)
paint trim white
paint inside closet (something fun?)
paint bedroom door
replace light fixture

So yeah, a whooole lot of painting is coming my way. But I can't wait to have it all done!

And because I always like seeing source lists:

wall color: Innocence by Benjamin Moore
shade: made by me
chair: Overstock
pouf: made by me
bedding: Target
headboard: made by me
table and chairs: Ikea
rocking moose: Ikea

P.S. That wrinkled bedding is kind of killing me, ha, but I guess that's just real-life, huh?

* Some links are affiliate links. These are products that I use and love and wouldn't recommend if I didn't! 


  1. Where did you get that adorable stuffed camera?

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  3. Can you tell me where you go the curtains?? Thank you!

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