Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a pretty fall wreath

one of the items on my fall bucket list this year is to make a pretty fall wreath. i have never made a wreath before, and it seems like one best ways to make your home look more inviting and festive. i did lots of searching for inspiration and kept seeing this beautiful wreath popping up all over and just knew it was the one.

all you need to make your own is a grapevine wreath, felt, scissors (and a rotary cutter if you have one), and hot glue. it's simple and fast; i made mine in one evening.

the first thing you have to do is make all of your rosettes. i wanted my wreath a little more spaced and organic looking than the inspiration wreath, which also meant less work making rosettes!

to make the rosettes:
1. cut squares out of your felt, any sizes you want. (smaller squares make smaller rosettes, larger squares make larger rosettes. for a uniform look make all squares the same size.) this is where a rotary cutter comes in handy, but is not necessary.
2. cut the corners off your squares, creating a circle.
3. starting on the outside edge of the circle, cut a spiral. 
4. starting with the pointy end of the spiral, roll the felt, wrapping tightly.
5. once you are done wrapping, the middle of the circle creates the perfect end for the bottom of the rosette.
6. stick some hot-glue or fabric glue under the end and hold down firmly until dry.

it is almost impossible to mess these up, and i found that no matter how crazy my circles and spirals were, they always turned out in the end.

next, just hot glue the rosettes to the wreath however you like.

and then check that one off the bucket list!


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