Wednesday, October 26, 2011

pretty packaging

i've been asked to teach a little class on creative entertaining/planning a party to a group of women at my church (!!!!) and have been having a lovely time doing research for pictures, ideas, and little tips. i can't wait to share everything in my little class, and will be sharing all that i find and dream up on here, too.
one of my tips will be to pay attention to the small details. all the little things really make any event, whether it's taking cookies to a neighbor or throwing a birthday party, seem more special and thoughtful, and lovely, too. i've found picture after picture of pretty little details, like these pretty ways to package little treats. i love the thought put into tying each bow or wrapping each little candy, and can't wait to come up with some more ideas of my own to add to these.

gingham-covered honey, wrapped loaves, cone, hand-wrapped candies, pile of cookies, felt heart

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