Thursday, November 3, 2011

pretty palette

my husband and i bought our first house in june and have spent the last few months slowly trying to turn it from house to home. we have done a few fun projects here and there (which i am excited to share on here very soon!), but the time has come to really focus on our bedroom.
i really believe that your bedroom should be a place that you love. a place where you can relax and retreat, and is the one space in the home that is just for you. we got rid of most of our furniture and decor when we moved so we could start fresh, and let's just say that our room right now is anything but fresh and relaxing.
i am in love with this room. i love everything from the colors, to the headboard, to the stools at the foot of the bed; it is perfect. i think it might be my jumping-off point, and i am so excited to start searching for paint and fabrics and little treasures to make my room special.
i can't wait to share it all, hopefully sooner than later!

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  1. What?? Are you hiding the fact that you have another blog from me? ;) I saw you pin the cake platter so I clicked the link from Pinterest and found this lovely blog!

    I LOVED this room when I first saw it too. Amazing. Maybe we will end up with similar bedrooms ;)


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