Thursday, December 1, 2011

heart-warmer tutorial + printable

i've been seeing the sweetest little hand-warmers surfacing around the web lately. what a sweet idea and a great way to keep your hands and the hands of those you love warm on chilly mornings. all you have to do is heat it up in the microwave and drop it in your pocket or mittens. they are so easy and so much cuter (and cheaper!) than those little warming packets you can buy at the grocery store. plus, they are reusable. cute, easy, practical, and environmentally friendly, what more can you ask for?

making one is so simple, and while a sewing machine makes them faster, it is not necessary to use one. in fact, it was so easy that i didn't even take any pictures during the process.

here's how you do it:
1. cut two of the same shape out felt (two hearts, two stars. etc.). make sure they are the same size.
2. sew the pieces together leaving about half-an-inch open.
3. using a funnel, fill the shape with rice through the unsewn opening.
4. hand-stitch the opening closed.
viola! done! so easy and so sweet, right?
i found that about 25 seconds in the microwave is perfect, but you might want to try out a few different cooking times, depending on the size of your warmer. (make sure no metal accidentally gets shoved in the warmer, you don't want any explosions in the microwave!)

i made a cute little tag to add to mine, turning it into the perfect little gift or party favor.
do you want some, too? download your own here.


  1. I am constantly surprised by your creativity!! You think you wouldn't be able to keep making my jaw drop open from wonderment at you, but it still always does. I want to steal some of your talent. Really.

  2. May I ask if there is a particular kind of rice you should use? I'm kind of thinking Minute Rice wouldn't be the best, but who knows?

  3. Tammy, I've heard of people using things like cherry pits and flaxseed, so I would bet minute rice would work. I used brown rice, if that helps, and it holds the heat wonderfully. xo

  4. From personal experience, Minute rice will work but it won't stay warm as long.

  5. That's kind of what I was wondering, if Minute Rice might not be as "stable." Thanks for the information! :)

  6. Such a cute idea. Will definitely be making these for gifts this year. Thanks for the great idea. :0)

  7. Those are super cute! I never thought of a heart warmer!
    And by the way, your blog is SO awesome! I love the pictures!!

  8. I love your blog! How do you make your tags?

    1. I actually designed these with the Silhouette Studio software, but you can make something similar in Powerpoint, Paint, Picasa, Photoshop, Illustrator....lots of great programs out there!


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