Monday, December 5, 2011

dolls for boys

i've been thinking of what i can make for my son for christmas this year, and i think i want to make him some sort of doll. his life will be full of trucks and superheroes once he starts school, so for now i want to nourish that sweet little side of him that loves to hug and kiss and cuddle.
i know boys and dolls can be a controversial subject, but this quote sums up my feelings on the matter perfectly:
"In a culture that often equates masculinity with violence and exploitative behavior, I can think of no better toy for a young boy than a doll to help him model kindness and responsibility for his actions. Perhaps our ancestors were right to think that training for the responsibilities of adulthood begins with childhood toys. If we want the next generation of men to be good fathers, compassionate citizens, and sensitive leaders, perhaps this process begins with something as simple and as countercultural as a childhood doll." (by joel troxell, read the article here).

in my search for inspiration i have found four little dolls that i can't get enough of.

the lumberjack used to be first place, but those foxes are too cute. maybe he needs a doll and a fox? we'll see how the making goes....i'll keep you updated.

do you have a son that play with dolls? or a girl that loves trucks?
i think good thing, i really do.

foxes, lumberjack, sweet red-headed boy, moustached man


  1. Thanks so much for the post! Do pop back soon, Mr Lion's a fav of my son :)

    Hugs and Happy Sewing,


    1. Mr. Lion is too cute! You are sure talented, Sarah! Thanks so much for stopping by! xo

  2. I've just stumbled upon this post and LOVE that lumberjack doll! They don't seem to have the pattern on their website anymore. Any chance you have a copy of it to share? :)


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