Friday, January 13, 2012

fun with paint

three years of my work-life was spent as a preschool teacher. part of the job was to come up with inexpensive but stimulating activities for the kids, and this is one of the easiest and cheapest, but also one that the kids loved the most. 

my little guy is finally old enough to start enjoying this little activity, and i can't tell you how nice it is to sit him in his high chair and have him play quietly while i make dinner! the best part is that i know he's discovering and learning as he explores texture, colors, and cause-and-effect.

plastic bag that seals tightly at the top (like a Ziploc bag)
packing tape
paint (I used Crayola's washable finger paint)

just dot little bits of paint in the plastic bag, close the bag, getting out most of the air, and tape the top closed with packing tape so the bag can't be opened. if your kids are anything like my little guy, that bag will be opened in seconds with paint everywhere, so make sure you tape it closed!

really, it's so simple, but can give lots and lots of entertainment and exploration.

i even gave my son a block, crayon, and cars to run over the plastic bag so he could see the different effects. he loved it.

it stays fresh for a long time, so after he is done playing i just slip it in a little drawer in my kitchen to pull out for next time.

other things that i've put in the plastic bags using the same method are:
+ white shaving cream (just the cheap stuff from the dollar store) and food coloring
+ cheap hair gel (and you can add buttons, beads, and little toys for even more fun)
+ baby oil, water, and food coloring or glitter

really, anything goes, so be creative with it and have fun!


  1. Brilliant! I am so doing all the suggestions. Thank you!

  2. Great idea! I shared this on fb and twitter and pinterest.

  3. What a great idea. Will certainly be doing this with my charges :)

  4. Did this yesterday and the girls liked it! Mimi mainly tried to chew on the bags, but after a while, she really started playing with the bag with shower gel and a bouncy ball in it. Must try the baby oil and water - forgot about that idea.

    I am so loving your blog!

  5. My OCD self is loving this idea! I pinned it on pinterest and had like a million people repin it within minutes!

    1. oh, i love that! glad you like it, and thanks for pinning it!

  6. THANK YOU! I just did this activity with my 3 children and it was a complete success! After the colors were mixed I taped the bags on our sliding glass door and the light came through the bags and colors so nicely! It was great for writing words and drawing pictures.

  7. Love this! We even add in paper shapes to the bag and then pull them out to make garlands and other art projects.

  8. Just enjoyed this project with my charges and am blogging about it. May I give you credit by putting a link from my blog to yours? (I am new at this whole blogging thing, so let me know if there is a better way to credit you). I ran across your idea on Pinterst. Thanks for posting this!

  9. I love anything that is "mess free"! :) ha

  10. I know this was posted a while ago, but I just came across it and LOVE it! We tried it at home and I posted it on my blog with a link to your original post. Creative and clean! I'm all about that ;)

  11. Great Idea! Shared this all my channels :-)

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