Tuesday, January 10, 2012

printable: resolution note card

i know i'm a little behind the game with making resolutions for the new year, but until know i just haven't had time to stop and really think about what I want this year to become. most of my resolutions never end of happening, but there's just something about the excitement and hope of planning and wishing to finally become that person that keeps me coming back every year.

i decided to go a different route this time and came up with very specific things that i want to accomplish rather than make a giant list of huge goals (like i usually do) that overwhelm and intimidate me. a book to read, a place to visit, something i want to learn how to do, little things that will add up to a big year.
you all know how much i love pretty things, and doesn't writing it on pretty paper just help a little more? i made some little resolution note cards to write out my goals and slip into my little binder of everyday-stuff-to-do, hopefully they will be a little reminder of what i want to be this year.

do you want some too?
click here to download and print your own.
happy twenty-twelve!

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