Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a handmade doll for my sweet little boy

remember this post? well, the night before we left to visit family for christmas i bit the bullet and made this little guy:

isn't he sweet? i got the pattern from this etsy shop, and couldn't help it and bought a fox pattern too. they are too cute!
the pattern was so easy to follow and didn't even take two hours from start to finish. i can't wait to make the fox! there are also some sweet little bunnies that would be too cute in an easter basket this spring.

don't you just love those long skinny legs?

the stuffing was still a little stiff when i took this picture, he's got quite the twisty torso! but he's since calmed it down :)

and the best part is, my little guy loves him too. he is slathered with kisses and hugs, and pulled around the house by his skinny legs all day long. i love it.

I was in no way compensated or asked to post about this pattern, I just loved it and wanted to share!

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