Friday, January 27, 2012

happy weekend!


this picture is getting me so excited for valentine's day! just a few more weeks, can you believe it? i've got some little valentine's projects that i'm excited to share in the next few weeks, but for now here are a few fun things i've enjoyed around the web this week:

this looks delicious. i hope to try it soon. if anyone tries it first, let me know how you like it!

an easy way to make your own mittens.

pretty business cards.

what a perfect first birthday. i especially love the confetti.

this is beautiful. (spotted on cup of jo)

what a sweet little puzzle.

anyone have special plans this weekend? i'm getting together with a few new friends for a night out, i'm so excited for some girl time! and i'm sure the rest of the weekend will be spent dancing (my little guy's favorite pastime), singing "the wheels on the bus," and spending lots of time with my two favorite boys.  

have a wonderful weekend!


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