Monday, January 30, 2012

diy peter pan collar roundup

i'm a longtime fan of the peter pan collar and luckily, it seems this trend is not going away any time soon. i've been seeing a bunch of tutorials for removable peter pan collars that can be worn with any shirt, collar or not, to switch up a look and i LOVE them! i'm hoping to make one soon (once my sewing machine gets here...) but found a bunch of great alternatives that don't require a sewing machine. i might just have to jump on the collar-necklace bandwagon sooner than i thought.

here's the roundup:


Pinned Image

DIY Pearl Collar Necklace

Leather collar 4

1. studded collar found here
2. glitter collar found here
3. pearl collar found here
4. leather collar found here
5. felt collar found here
6. beaded/sequined collar found here
7. fabric collar found here

all of the links have great tutorials that seem easy and inexpensive. aren't they fun? good job, ladies! i'm always in awe of how creative people can be.
and if you want the look without having to diy, there are always tons of options on etsy or great stores like asos who sell them ready-to-wear.

oh, and in my searching i came across these babies:

DIY Collar necklace

i am obsessed with them, but can't seem to find how she made them. i was, however, able to find lots of girls who found great-patterned collared shirts at thrift stores, cut off the collars and wore them in the same way. seems easy enough, right?
anyone know how to make a collar like the ones above?
anyone else love this little trend?
anyone else going to go make one asap? just me? :)

happy monday.


  1. Hi there,

    I'm an editor for iVillage's pregnancy/parenting channel and we're interested in using some of your photos - could you email me ASAP? Thanks so much! Love your blog.

    Lindsay Tigar Universal

  2. I want to own any and all of these. I've tried the scalloped one made of felt, by the way, and it works. Beautifully. Love this roundup!


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