Tuesday, January 31, 2012

printables|valentine cards

valentine's day is coming up! i love this holiday, all about love and pink and chocolate. what's not to like? i don't have kids in school yet, so i'm not having to worry about sending valentine's to 20+ kids, but i do love to send them to family members. my little guy is starting to catch the coloring-bug, so i thought it would be fun to make some simple little cards that he could color and send to those we love.

i'm definitely team cheesy-puns-are-the-best when it comes to valentine's day cards.

if you would like some too, just click below.

heart burst
wood you be my valentine?
just my type.

these fit into any 4.5" x 6" envelope. i get these at staples, or just make your own here (you may have to shave a little off the sides of the cards).

happy valentine-ing!


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