Tuesday, February 28, 2012

bow ties for the ladies

it's no secret i love bow ties. we see them all the time on boys and men, but what about women and girls? i love the idea of having my own stash of bow ties to tie around my neck to dress up or add a pop of color to an outfit. how adorable would a loosely tied floral bow tie look with a chambray shirt and jeans? wouldn't a pretty coral bow tie add some fun to a collared shirt and breezy skirt? i love the versatility of it.
these bow ties form claudine & company are gorgeous, the colors and shapes they have chosen are spot-on. 
wouldn't it be easy to make your own, too? a scarf, strip of fabric, or even a piece of ribbon could give you this look without spending too much time or money.
a few years ago i sewed some up for my sister for her birthday. they varied in thickness and length, but i basically just sewed a bunch of long, skinny rectangles right-sides together leaving one end unsewn, turned them right-side out through the open end, and then top-stitched around the edges. it was simple, fun, and really, the possibilities are endless.
would you wear a bow tie?

floral/navy/pink chambray/green chambray


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