Wednesday, February 8, 2012

heart-warmer valentine

remember this project? well, i think these little babies make the cutest little valentines, so i came up with a new little printable to make them more valentine-y. 

since warming time really depends on the size of your warmer i didn't include instructions, but there's plenty of room on the back of each tag to write the heating time for your valentine.

my sewing machine is stuck who-knows-where with the rest of our stuff so i had to hand-sew this heart-warmer, and in the amount of time it took my son to eat his banana and yogurt this morning i was able to cut and sew the warmer. not bad! so all you who don't have sewing machines, you really can do it!

hopefully your loved ones will love having extra cozy hands this valentine's day.
just click here for the tags and here for the simple instructions. enjoy!

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