Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a little valentine's day sparkle

i picked up some pretty tulips at the grocery store the other day with hopes they would liven up our home and bring in thoughts of spring. they do, i just love tulips.
then, i realized valentines day is coming up and we have zero pops of pink going on around here, so i promptly fixed that with a few mason jars, some glitter spray paint, and a little painter's tape.

i just taped around one of the jars and cut a little heart out of some tape and stuck it to the other jar. (don't forget to add tape all the way to the top of each jar! i didn't at first and ended up wiping extra paint off the top.)

i had never worked with glitter spray paint before and was a little surprised at how long it took before the glitter starting coming out in a steady stream. at first it was just a clear spray with little bits of glitter here and there, and that was after all the shaking it tells you to do in the instructions. so don't worry if that happens to you. just shake shake shake and try little test sprays until the glitter sprays out in a thick stream. it really is neat once it starts working.

i am definetly a fan of more subtle decorations and pops of color for holidays, so this is probably as festive as i will get this year. though i think the half-painted jar could even work for easter and fun summer flowers, don't you?


and here's a little tip i learned about tulips from my mother-in-law: put a few pennies in the bottom of your vase and your tulips won't droop. it's true! the copper in the pennies makes them perk right up and look brand new. this little tip has stretched the life out of many tulip bouquets for me, i love it. 

so has anyone else ever worked with glitter spray paint? what did you make? i would love to see!

p.s. today my paint in a bag project is being featured on ivillage along with a bunch of other great projects to keep your little ones busy. all the ideas are fun and tv free, go check it out! thanks ivillage!

1 comment:

  1. neat tip about the penny! Gonna try it next time the hubby gets me tulips. ;)
    Your glitter jars look beautiful!


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