Friday, March 30, 2012

aahhhhh the weekend

it's friday again! the husb has to work a little tomorrow, so it seems saturday will be spent with me and the babe watching this. hopefully a few quiet activities will keep my son busy for at least a little while, and i'll be able to listen and soak in the messages. i'm also hoping to get some sewing done, i have a few fun projects i'm dreaming up for my son...we'll see how it goes.

here's a few fun things i found this week:

a watercolor blazer. i'm loving this.

this would be a cute addition to easter place settings.

i'm loving the colors and patterns of these bow ties. i'm thinking something fun needs to be around my little one's neck on easter sunday.

the sweetest wedding bouquet.

this made me smile.

this makes me want to host an easter egg hunt.

a twist on a classic dessert.

photo of a rooftop movie found here. doesn't that look like heaven?

have a wonderful weekend!

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