Monday, April 2, 2012



how was everyone's weekend? ours was spent watching this and enjoying giant cinnamon rolls that my husband surprised me with from our favorite local bakery. they are literally the size of my face and so so so good. i also did a little decorating. can you believe we've lived here for three months and i just barely hung a few things on the wall? so bad. i was tired of feeling guilty every time i stepped in my son's room, so i finally got out the hammer and nails and put some stuff up. i think kids rooms need art and color and things to look at, and his room was pretty much a crib, a dresser, and a few books and toys. i bought a few things online (like that awesome rug that he LOVES) as well as diy-ed some art that will work for his "temporary room" as well as his real room at our house. hopefully they'll help the transition from nursery to his i'm-not-a-baby-anymore room, as well as make his current room feel a little more homey. i'll try to get some real pictures up once it's done, maybe this week?
i've also been working on the chairs that i'm redoing. stripping and painting are done for one of the chairs, and the upholstery fabric has been purchased! and i think i finally decided on the fabric i want for the throw pillows. i'm loving this project!
oh, and after literally a year of searching for the perfect sunburst mirror (i know they're everywhere, but this is one bandwagon i've been dying to jump on!), i found it! i'll post about that later, too, but i think you'll be shocked where i found it. and at the price! it's a good thing.

made any small but great changes in your home lately? or maybe big but great? i'd love to hear about them, i'm obsessed!
happy monday, everyone!

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