Friday, March 2, 2012

happy weekend!

i can't believe it's friday again! these weeks are seriously flying by.
this weekend i'll be hopping on a plane with that sweet son of mine for a quick visit to seattle. i'm crossing my fingers he decides to stay sweet for the whole flight. he has a history of shrieking on planes, so let's hope he's grown out of that!
after my few days in seattle we'll be heading to the other side of the state to visit my parents for a week. i apologize in advance for my blog neglect while we travel and enjoy family.
any toddler plane tricks i should know about? i'm hoping some books and snacks will tide him by, but i've got some fun apps on my phone that i can whip out if things get desperate. the iphone seems to always do the trick.

here's some fun things i've found this week:

a pretty but easy dress makeover.

the sweetest nightlight i've ever seen.

here's a fun way to jazz up some wedges. love this.

15 desserts in a jar. how cute would that peach cobbler be on a spring picnic?

a fun print on a pretty dress. love it.

hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Make sure that he has something to chew when they pressurize the cabin, it can cause children ear pain because they don't know how to pop their ears yet. If he is too young for gum, try something else chewy-but not chewy enough for him to choke on. That could have been the reason for the previous shrieking too.

  2. thanks for the tip! it worked like a charm, that must have been it.


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