Friday, April 27, 2012

have a wonderful weekend

what a week! it started hot as can be (well...upper 80's, but that's still hot, right?) and today it's windy, rainy, and the heater is back on. this weekend i'm hoping to do some cleaning and get ready for a visit from my parents. we are going to show them around town next week and then head to mt. rushmore. i'm so excited and really hope the whole trip feels very north by northwest-ish (minus people trying to kill us). maybe we should watch the movie to prepare?

here are some fun things i found this week:

the perfect cookies for cinco de mayo.

um, this looks crazy good.

a fun game to keep tucked in your purse.

pretty wallpaper, this time for your phone.

still pondering these thoughts.

i think this dress needs to weasel it's way into my spring wardrobe.

this is cool. #whydidn'tithinkofthat

obsessed with these.

photo found here (along with instructions for that beautiful flower!)

have a lovely weekend!

1 comment:

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