Thursday, April 26, 2012

a little room for a little boy

i finally got the little bits and pieces put together for my little guy's bedroom. i know we are here temporarily, but i just couldn't leave his room so bare and thrown together. this is our third "home" in his short little life, and each time we've moved his bedroom is my number one priority. it's very important to me that he feels consistency and structure in his bedroom, and that it is planned and thought out fun. i would feel awful if he had to live like a gypsy just because we've moved so much. :)
that being said, because we're only here for three more months i didn't want to put a ton of stuff on the walls or buy anything we couldn't use in seattle. so i bought a few pieces i knew i would want in his room back home, made the art, pillow, and pouf myself, and of course, used what we already had.

i always like source lists, so here is the source list for this little room:

eames style rocker: overstock
rocking moose: ikea (holy cow! it was half that price when we bought it 6 months ago!)
cardboard deer head: urban outfitters
rug: urban outfitters
elephant bank: urban outfitters
ottoman/pouf: made by me using this tutorial
pillow: made by me using this tutorial

i think that pretty much covers it. it is a simple little temporary bedroom, but it feels like home when we are in there reading stories and singing goodnight songs, and that's what matters most, right?


  1. I love that rug and rocking horse. Such a beautiful room.

    1. thanks amber! i think the rug is my very favorite thing in the room.

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