Monday, April 16, 2012

pouf dilemma

remember how i had grand plans to make an easter present for my son, but because the fabric was late i had to make these instead? well, the fabric came, and after a few hours of sewing i had the sweetest pouf/ottoman/cushion for my son. i followed this  awesome tutorial (that is seriously easy and so so so genius!), only i made mine bigger. it's 24x15 (rather than 17x9) and works perfectly as an ottoman or a seat to read books and hang out.

there is even a little handle so my little one can lug it around. there's 5 pounds of fiberfill in there, so it's pretty heavy for him! he loves to pull it and roll it around, so the handle is perfect.

my silly little guy loves it, and i think it is the perfect piece to finish off his room.

here's the dilemma: my husband has claimed it as his own and keeps thanking me for his "present." it's the perfect footstool when we are lounging around on the couch, and i love it in the living room too! i LOVE moroccan poufs and this gives me the look but with a much cheaper price tag (i think the total cost was $25). plus the fabric is so fun!
so do i make another one for my son's room, make another one for the living room, or just lug this one around and use it all over? i have the same fabric in grey, maybe make another in grey? and of course now i'm thinking i should have two in the living room instead of an ottoman and one in my son's room, which would mean i have to make TWO more! decisions, decisions!
have you ever made/bought something and just had to have more? i feel like that is the story of my life! haha! no, but really, i do....

happy monday!


  1. You have inspired me!!! I'm making two for the living room.

    I made two throw pillows for our couch, but everyone loved how soft they were and better then the ones that came with the couch I had to make two more-one for everyone:) Love the blog - I am a really good friend of Jason Davidson and his wife turned me on to your blog. Thanks.

    1. oh, thanks so much! your pillow story makes me laugh, isn't that how it always seems to go? you can never make just one or two :)
      tell jason and cora hello for me, it's been too long since i've seen them!

  2. I need one for our family room!

    1. do it!!! or better yet, drive to montana and we'll do it together! :)

  3. I NEED! But don't think I am talented enough to make. Can I hire you? ;) You know you want to....

    The fabric you picked is looks like the same color as my rug. Is that right?
    Miss you!! xo


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