Wednesday, April 18, 2012

(sunburst) mirror, mirror

those who are into design blogs and shelter mags are probably sick of the sunburst mirror. it is everywhere. in every style. on every design/diy blog. and i love it. i mentioned a few days ago that i have been on the hunt for one for some time, but just never found one that i loved enough to drop a few hundred dollars on. there are a TON of diy sunburst mirrors out there (seriously, google it.) and y'all know how much i love a good diy, but i just wondered if they would look as good in person as they do in pictures. so my search continued.

enter a little trip to home depot with my husband. and what did i see hanging on an endcap? this perfect mirror. and how much was it? $35. yes, $35. not even on sale. i can't find it online, but it is in stores and is martha stewart brand. i was so excited to take this puppy home and hang it above my couch!

i think it will end up in our bedroom once we move back to seattle, but for now it's the perfect little pop that our living room needed. i don't think my husband quite grasps the sunburst mirror phenom going on right now, he just said "yes, that's an interesting mirror" when i gasped and pointed at it in the store. but he will learn to love it, right? :)

here are a few of my favorite interiors that rock the sunburst mirror:

Pinned Image

aren't they pretty? i just love them.


  1. what!? home depot. need to go check it out.

    here's the link if any one is interested!


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