Monday, October 15, 2012

bee's knees

i've been scheming up a bee-related project (hope it works out! can't wait to share!) and have suddenly fallen in love with bees. not cutesy bees, but real-insect-leggy-hairy bees. there's something about the shape that is so beautiful to me. classic, yet playful, right? 
in doing bee-search (see what i did there? bee-search, research, get it? ha :) for my bee project i've found several beautiful bee related items that i definitely can't get mad at.
1. bee letterpress stationary, etsy
2. bee coin purse, etsy
3. beekeeper's bible, terrain
4. carved bee necklace, anthropologie
5. ceramic bee stamper, anthropologie
6. bee painting, etsy
and with that, have a bee-utiful day!

1 comment:

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