Friday, October 26, 2012

spooky centerpiece


my husband and i are in charge of the halloween party at our church tonight, so i had to come up with some cute, yet cheap centerpieces for the tables (we're having a chili potluck, and i'm bringing this yummy white chili!). after seeing this post i remembered making those cute little ghosts as a kid and thought they would be the perfect little centerpiece.

what you need:
fabric or tissue paper
cotton, batting, or candy to make the ghost's head
empty can or jar

how to:
1. to make the ghosts, cut a piece of fabric or tissue paper (or just use a tissue! super easy and no cutting needed), about 5 inches x 5 inches (these do not have to be exact!).
2. stick a piece of cotton (batting, candy...) in the center, and tie a little knot around the cotton, creating a little head for your ghost.
3. stick it on a skewer, and then put the skewer in a jar of rice. this helps to anchor the skewers and allows you to make the ghosts different heights.
4. cover the jar with some cute paper and voila! you have a simple, spooky centerpiece.

here's two printables to help you with this project:

boo! printable (the speech bubbles can be double sided if you glue them back-to-back)
polka dot printable (print on any color paper for instant polka dots)



  1. Fun Fun! This is a simple/fun/creative idea. Way to go!

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