Thursday, December 6, 2012

pretty wreaths

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this week i have wreaths on the brain. i'm searching for some pretty boxwood wreaths to hang in my living room windows, and couldn't help but fall in love with each of these wreaths as well. not only do i love how effortless and cozy these images are, but each one gives a little twist on the traditional wreath and some great ideas for holiday decorating this year.
1. strength in numbers: hang a collection of wreaths to make a bigger impact
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2. less is more: with some wire and branches this wreath could easily be made at home. so simple and cozy.
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3. unique shape: gather branches from your backyard or on a winter drive with your family (or steal it from your christmas tree!) and make a wreath with a sweet shape.
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4. keep it simple: a single strand of garland or flowers hung in a circle makes any door look more festive. i love how nontraditional this wreath is, and really, it could be up year round and you would hear no complaints from this girl :)
5. hanging vertically: i love this look. it keeps with the traditional look of a wreath but punches it up just a bit.
6. hang it horizontally: this might be my favorite idea of them all. such a good idea to switch things up a bit. how cute would this be over a table or kitchen island?


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