Thursday, February 14, 2013

watercolor treat bags

Happy Valentine's Day! The other day I was a guest blogger over at, the blog for the awesome craft supply store Create For LessHead on over to see how I made these fun watercolor treat bags!

Hope you have a happy Valentine's day!


  1. So cute!! I found your blog off Pinterest a while back!
    Check my blog out!! I'm doing a few giveaways as well!!

    New follower-xoxo

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Hannah! Your blog is awesome, I love the heart pizzas you made for Valentine's day, so cute!

  2. I just acquired some lace intended for a lovely bagfor this very reason! Although we're still a few months away from having weather warm enough to make such a creation... I'm planning to dye mine too. I want something brighter!
    I can't decide on to sleeve or not either... the pattern I'm using has both. I might do a sleeve to see what it looks like, then decide!you can find more beatiful in
    Baby Monitor


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