Tuesday, February 18, 2014

bits + pieces

1. These are the little valentines for my son's preschool party. I got to help out at the party, too, and it was so fun watching him give them to his friends. I made them the night before (super late, too!) and wish I wouldn't have procrastinated so much so that I could have posted them here for any of you needing last minute valentines! Next year!

2. My littlest Valentine and I had a special milkshake date on Valentine's Day. It was pretty sweet, and he even tried to pay for the meal (with a little business card he found. He insisted it was his debit card, it was too cute!). Love my little guy. My husband and I (luckily!) went out for our Valentine's date a few nights before, which ended up being such a good decision since on Valentine's Day there was a last minute emergency at work and he had to come home late. I wasn't even mad since we had already celebrated :). We all had a great day though.

3. I've been pulling out my paints more and more lately. I am having such a moment with vibrant pinks in the home, so I painted this to get some pink livening things up around here. Right now it's in our bedroom, and I think that's where it will stay (I think?). I'll show you how it looks soon!

4. I know I'm not the first to discover this app, and I won't the be the last, but Waterlogue is amazing. It makes normal, everyday pictures look like watercolor paintings. I have wasted so much time playing with it, I love it so much!
I commissioned an artist to paint something for my mom for Christmas; he did such a beautiful job and it ended up being a really special gift. This app could give you a very similar look for basically no cost. Not that it replaces the talent and quality that commissioning a true artist gives you, but if you are just wanting the look of watercolor, or to turn a normal picture into art, it's amazing how good it looks.  What a cool way to make special pictures even more special and beautiful enough to hang on your wall, right?

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  1. Best way to celebrate school party and I have never seen such good gesture as given by you. Hats off to you.


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