Wednesday, February 12, 2014

valentine's day card (free printable!)


I've been having some fun practicing fauxlligraphy lately (I'm determined to take an actualy calligraphy course someday!), and decided to make some Valentine's Day cards to share. My son has started saying this phrase all the time lately; I like you and I love you has kind of become our thing. I love it, and thought it was the perfect phrase to put on our Valentines this year. 


 I customized my envelopes using the eraser end of a pencil, an ink pad, and some gold paint. The ink definitely looks more uniform, but the paint is kind of fun and textured, so I'm glad I tried them both. 

I made the card in four colors, just click below and print one for your Valentine!

Once cut and folded, each card is 5x7. I think I might pop that black one in a little frame when I'm done with it, it kind of makes for some sweet art. 


  1. SO cute. And I spy my name! Excited to open that envelope.

  2. This blog is absolutely adorable and definitely a treat for all the girls like me. These valentines day stuff are so cute. I feel like getting all of them and to keep them with myself only.

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