Friday, November 4, 2011

how to: cupcake stand

as part of the entertaining 101 class  i am teaching to the ladies at my church, i have been tying to gather supplies to share as well as ideas that they can do to make their parties and events more special. i've been seeing lots of diy cake stands all over blogs and pinterest and thought it would be sweet to do that on a smaller level, for cupcakes and small treats. this way i have some cost-effective stands to display food, favors, and invites that i make as examples, and a little tutorial for them to do at home. win/win, eh?

all you need to make one for yourself is a small vase or candlestick (i found mine at a thrift store for $2, but i know there are better deals out there!), a waterproof glue/epoxy that is meant for ceramic and glass, and a small saucer. i was able to find this lovely little ruffled plate at a thrift store (which i washed and washed and sanitized once i got home!) for under $2, so the whole project was under $4. not bad! especially considering how expensive cake stands can be.

apply the glue to both the top of the vase and the bottom of the saucer and let it sit for a few minutes to get tacky. this will help the adhesion to stick the best. then you just place the vase in the center of the plate and press firmly. (i decided to do mine upside down, it seemed the sturdiest.) i stuck a book on top of mine to weigh things down and help keep things in place. after a few hours mine was completely stuck, but still a little tacky. i would do this 24 hours prior to using it just to make sure everything is dry and ready to bear weight.

that's it! it's such a simple project and the possibilities are endless as far as plate/base combinations are concerned.

 it would be fun to mix colors and find really unique pieces to use as a base. maybe a mason jar or a little bowl would look cute under a floral plate...

and here is a view of the bottom. you can see how clean the base is, you can barely tell they were glued together. and aren't those polka dots darling? i am so giddy over this little plate.

now go make some for yourself, or even as a little gift for a friend or family member. you won't be disappointed!

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