Wednesday, January 29, 2014

make it: faux brass vase

I've been kind of obsessed with having a simple, brass vase for a while now. I can't for the life of me remember where I got this link, but these gorgeous vases (particularily the 6 inch cylinder) were burned in my mind and I had to have one. I almost ordered one a few months ago, but I was confused about shipping and the minimum order, so rather than just ask (like a normal person?) I waited. And then, on a random trip to Michaels  I found the right size cylinder, only in glass. I thought, if only it was brass. Sigh. And then I remembered this little thing called spray paint and this little brass-vase-knockoff was born. 

This project is pretty straightforward: thin coats of spray paint on a vase of your choosing. Lightly sand any drips or bubbles, and then do your final coat. To get more shine you might want to spray a glossy sealer on it at the end, I haven't tried that but kind of want to to see it it makes much of a difference shine-wise. 

I used Design Master in Gold Medal and love the color. It looks so great in person. I added little felt feet to mine once it dried so the paint won't ever rub off on my table. I don't know if that's even something that might happen, but since it will be on a white surface I didn't want to chance any rubbing. 

I really love how it turned out! In person it looks a lot more like brass than my pictures show, but just not quite as shiny as the real thing. It's a great alternative though, and the cost was super low, just a few dollars for the vase and spray paint. (I used my Michaels coupons, so maybe it was $4 for spray paint and $2 for the vase? More than that without coupons, of course)

Add some gorgeous freesias from Trader Joe's, and I've got a pretty little arrangement to brighten my living room. I'm loving the smell of these flowers, they are seriously making me want spring!


  1. Did your paint come off? Mine did. I have tried this with several different paints paint for glass etc., but not design master. Any advise? Cute by the way:) LOVE fresia and the smell is amazing.

    1. No, it has stayed on really well. Even after lightly handwashing it, it has held up great! I wonder if the Design Master brand just sticks really well?
      Maybe try using a primer first, one that specifically says it sticks to glass, and then spray the gold?
      I did find that if I tried to spray the second coat before the first coat was completely dry and hard, it would pull the first coat off a bit. So make sure each coat dries and hardens completely before adding to it.
      Hope that helps!


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